Financial Institution

Riverside Savings Bank

The original purpose of Riverside Savings Bank was to provide a means to house the community. These means have been met through the years by paying a good return on customer deposits of which loans have been made on residential houses. This type of business is still today the predominant business of the Bank. Over the years, the Bank added additional products and services. Services such as checking accounts, consumer loans, business loans, automated teller machines, and online banking give the Bank’s customers a one stop banking facility for all their personal and business banking needs.

Size of Loan for Small Businesses

  • Equipment: $5,000 – $5,000,000
  • Real Estate: $5,000 – $750,000

Purpose Loans for Small Businesses

  • Purchase a Building
  • Purchase Equipment/Machinery

Type of Loans Offered

  • Commercial Loan

Bank Service Area (By County)

  • Halifax
  • Johnston
  • Northampton
  • Warren

Bank Physical Location (By County)

  • Halifax

Specifically Targeted Programs by Industry

  • 31 - Manufacturing
  • 44 - Retail Trade
  • 48 - Transportation and Warehousing
  • 54 - Professional, Scientific, Technical Services
  • 56 - Administrative and Support

Point of Contact

Robbie Harvell

President & CEO